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OUR VISION2023-01-03T10:53:52+00:00

To be a Centre of Excellence and multi-level platform for cooperation in knowledge transfer and capacity building for developing countries in integrated rural affairs for sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific Region.

OUR MISSION2023-01-03T10:51:38+00:00

Our mission is to provide technical support and promote innovative best practices on
sustainable IRD amongst member countries in Asia-Pacific in order to improve the lives of the
rural people.

  • To utilise state of the art information and communication technology;
  • To provide flagship trainings and capacity development in the field of integrated rural
    development and related agricultural activities to serve the needs of rural communities in the
    region and sub-regions;
  • To enhance the analytical capability of developing countries in formulating rural development
    policies, as well as, determining appropriate measures corresponding with impacts of the
    globalization, trade liberalization, climate change and disaster risks in the region and sub-
    regions, engagement communities by using community-based and adaptive management
  • To foster the cooperation on development between countries in the region and sub-regions
    through collaborative research projects;
  • To collaborate with interagency departments, academic institutions, private sector, research
    funds, and other national and international organizations to disseminate knowledge gained and
    transfer of innovative technologies to developing countries in the region and sub-regions.
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OUR VALUES2018-06-06T07:34:05+00:00

Diligence – Commitment to careful and persistent work and effort to contribute to the achievement of CIRDAP goals.

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STRATEGIC PLAN 2021-20242022-07-26T10:30:57+00:00

Strategic Plan for the year 2021-2024 of CIRDAP.

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Rural Areas in Transition

Rural Areas in Transition

Centre on Integrated Rural Development for Asia and the Pacific (CIRDAP) is building an expert database on the different disciplines and research areas, which is linked to integrated rural development (IRD).


The purpose is to generate a body of multiple cross disciplinary think tank to help mobilize knowledge transfer across the Asia – Pacific region and other regions.

CIRDAP commits to Team Excellence. Alumni of CIRDAP, experts from member states and networks are invited to join the database.

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Sudipa Basu


Field of Interest

Economics of Aquaculture and Fish Production.


IRD Knowledge Portal

Programs and projects of 2022 and onwards

1. Webinar on “Innovations in Asia: Making Organic Agriculture More Sustainable” – 13 January, 2022. Speaker: Dr. Shaikh Tanveer Hossain, Senior Program Officer, Agriculture Division, Asian Productivity Organization (APO), Tokyo, Japan.

2.  International Women’s Day Webinar on “Gender Equality in CIRDAP Member Countries” – 8 March, 2022.

3.  World Water Day webinar on “Water-quality based risk assessment framework for open-access aquatic resources using citizen science and satellite remote sensing” – 22 March, 2022. Speaker: Dr. Grinson George, Senior Program Specialist (Fisheries), SAARC Agriculture Centre (SAC), BARC Complex, Farmgate, Dhaka-1215, Bangladesh.

4. World Oceans Day Webinar on “Ocean in a changing world: how we can help” – 8th June, 2022. Speaker: Dr. Suchana Apple Chavanich, Chulalongkorn University Reef Biology Research Group, Department of Marine Science, Faculty of Science, Thailand.

5.  World Rural Development Day: “What is it, why does it matter and how to get involved?” – 14 July, 2022. Speaker: Dr. Cherdsak Virapat, DG CIRDAP.

6.  Webinar on the Sustainable Development Goals’ research and responses and title: “Carbon sequestration of public parks and urban greening improvements in a megacity”. Speaker: Dr. Nuanchan Singkran, Faculty of Environment and Resource Studies, Mahidol University, Thailand.

7. Webinar on Climate Smart Water Management in the Context of Pakistan. Speaker: Dr. Manzoor Ahmad Malik, Director (Retired), Freelance Consultant and Master Trainer, Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources.

8. Webinar on World Habitat Day: Climate Change & Biodiversity. Speaker: Dr. SM Zobaidul Kabir, Chief Environmental Specialist, CEGIS.

9. Webinar on International Day on Disaster Risk Reduction – 13th October – “Disaster risk reduction & emergency management focused on floods and landslides” .

10. Webinar on “Flood risk assessment and management for a large river basin”. Speaker: Associate Prof. Dr. Nuanchan Singkran

11. A Webinar on the International Day of Rural Women – 15th October, 2022

12. Webinar on World soil day – 5th December, 2022

13. Webinar on “Governance To Good Governance – Need & Role of Social Accountability Tools” – 21st December, 22. Speaker : Dr. K.Prabhakar, Assistant Professor, Centre for Good Governance & Policy Analysis


The training program was very effective and well-timed. We are very much interested to conduct similar training program in Iran in partnership with CIRDAP

Mr. Mohsen Boostani and Ms. Neda, Training Participants, Waste to Wealth – Value Recovery from Agro Processing, 19-28 march, 2018 in India, and Government Officials, Iran.

The training introduced innovative technologies and practices on how waste can be turned to wealth such as Leather Shoes from Chicken Feet Skin, Cake made from Tofu Waste etc. This will help to boost rural entrepreneurship in CIRDAP member countries.

Mr. Tojammel Haque, Training Participants, Waste to Wealth – Value Recovery from Agro Processing, 19-28 march, 2018 in India and Deputy Director, BAPARD, Bangladesh.

The Pilot project is expected to transfer Low Cost Dryer technology to rural entrepreneurs which will help to dry agro food (fruits, vegetables, fish etc) and maintain quality standard.

Mr. Robelyn E. Daquila, Science Research Specialist, Drying of Agricultural Crops Division of PHil Mech, Philippines.


Action Research
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