Events of 2018

Date Events
01 02-06 January,
CIRDAP-RGNIYD Collaborative Exposure cum Training Programme on
Youth Development in RGNIYD, India
02 15-24 January,
CIRDAP – NIRD and PR Collaborative International Training Programme on
‘Social Audit in Rural Development Programmes’ in Nay Pyi Taw,
03 12-22 February,
CIRDAP-NIRD and PR collaborative International Training Programme on
“Rural Technologies for Inclusive Growth”
04 19 February – 2
March 2018
Demonstration of the “Multi Commodity Solar Tunnel Dryer”
food processing technology at the Daffodil International University
Savar, Bangladesh
05 27 February 2018 Certificate Award Ceremony for the participants of Bangladeshi Student
Delegation Exposure Visit-cum-Training Programme in India at CICC,
CIRDAP Secretariat
06 05-08 March,
CIRDAP-APO-HARTI Collaborative Forum on Strengthening Food
Safety Standards in Colombo, Sri Lanka
07 09-18 March,
CIRDAP-NIRD&PR Collaborative International Training Programme on
‘Waste to Wealth – Value Recovery from Agro Processing’ in NIRDPR,
08 12-21 March,
CIRDAP-NIRD and PR Collaborative International Training Programme on
‘Decentralized Governance and Delivery of Services -Way to Good
Governance’ in NIRDPR, India
09 14-23 March, 2018

CIRDAP – NIRD & PR Collaborative International Training Programme on

“Human Resource Development for Rural Development”

10 16-17 April, 2018 Rural Development Symposium 2018 in Nadi, Fiji
11 18 -19 April, 2018 The thirty-third Meeting of the CIRDAP Technical Committee (hereinafter
referred to as TC-33) at the Tanoa International Hotel, Nadi, Fiji Islands.
12 25th April, 2018 A Focus Group Discussion programme on the status of inclusion of
peoples with disability in Rural Development took place at the Fiji
National Council for Disabled Persons (FNCDP) in Brown Street, Suva, Fiji
13 14-19 May, 2018

Self -funded/Institutional paid International Training cum Exposure Visit

to NIRD and PR for RDA

14 6th July, 2018 CIRDAP Foundation day/Anniversary
15 23-26 July, 2018 CIRDAP–National FAO Committee (Thailand) International
Training Programme on One Tambon and One Product (OTOP) in
Bangkok, Thailand
16 24-27 July, 2018

International Conference on Achieving Youth – Specific SDGs: Key

Challenges and Policy Responses in RGNIYD, India

17 25 July – 05 September,


CIRDAP Staff Capacity Building Programme on Information Technology
18 14-18 August,
Study Visit by Kerala Institute of Local Administration (KILA) Faculty
Members on Horizontal Learning Programme (HLP) in Tangail,
19 August 2018 -July
One Year Post Graduate Diploma Programme in Rural Development
Management (PGDRDM) in NIRDPR, India
20 August 2018 –
March 2019
Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) Fellowships to CIRDAP
Member Countries
21 28-30 August,
In-country Training of Trainers (ToT) Programme on Horizontal Learning
Process (HLP) in Nepal
22 3-7 September,
Witnessing the production of dry Jackfruit at Ecofeel, Matale by the
delegates during DG’s Mission Visit to Sri Lanka
23 3-7 September
In-country Training Programme on Project Management (Planning) and
Evaluation for Rural Development in Sri Lanka
24 10-14 September,
In-country Training Programme on Breeding and Nutrition Management
of Dairy Cattle in Sri Lanka
25 24 September,
Visiting the various projects of Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute
(BARI) by the Research and Pilot Projects Team of CIRDAP to find out
collaborative projects
26 27-28 September,
Director General of Rural Development Academy (RDA) bring on its Char
Project to the CIRDAP delegation during their visit to RDA, Bogra,
27 27-28 September,
The field visit to “Community based Bio Gas Plant” of RDA
28 10 September -16
October 2018
Internship Programme for NIRDPR Students on Research Purpose
29 23-28 September,
Exposure visit for NIRDPR & SIRDs Officials to Bangladesh
30 29-31 October,
CIRDAP–SAC Collaborative Regional Workshop on ICT for Development of
Rural Agriculture in South Asia: Policy Concerns
31 7 November, 2018

International Meeting on ‘Potato Late Blight Resistant 3R – Gene

GMO Potato Variety Development’

32 12-16 November,
In- country Training Programme on Financial Inclusion and
Economic Empowerment for Poverty Alleviation in AHK NCRD Pakistan
33 15 November,
Director General of CIRDAP inaugurating the Project on “Demonstration
of Potato Cultivation” at CIRDAP Campus, Dhaka, Bangladesh
34 25th November,
MoU Signing between CIRDAP and Bangladesh Association of Librarians,
Information Scientists and Documentalists (BALID)
35 26-28 November,
Meeting on the Project of “Livelihood Enhancement of the Small Farmers
in SAARC Region” from in Thimphu, Bhutan. CIRDAP is working as one of
the implementing agencies of the project.
36 30 November -22
December, 2018
‘Certificate Course on Geographic Information System (GIS)—paid
Programme in CIRDAP HQ
37 3-7 December,
CIRDAP–APO Workshop on Organic Agriculture 3.0 in Chennai,
38 10 December, 2018

Programme Officer (Research) of CIRDAP showing the process

of Potato Cultivation during his visit to BARD, Cumilla on 10 December

39 13 December,
Seminar on SAT LAB GEO SOLUTION New Product Launching
Day 2018

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