CIRDAP Director General Tevita G. Boseiwaqa Taginavulau attended the Global Land Forum (GLF) held from 22-27 September 2018 through the invitation of its Organizing Committee. He presented a paper on “Rural Development Challenges in Asia” followed by a Panel discussion session on “Multi-Stakeholder Discussion on People-Centered Local Governance in Asia”.

Mr. Taginavulau, highlighted the challenges particularly on Rural Poverty, Food Security and Climate Change and emphasized the importance of taking a “Balance Approach” to address these challenges. This means, the incorporation of economic, social, environmental and spiritual components into our development process rather than inclining heavily towards the economic component.

He also stressed the need to incorporate traditional best practices and spirituality into the modern development approach. This will bring all stakeholders to connect more closely with nature through their interaction with the land, sea and forest. Consequently, there will be a shift from the Knowledge or Smart Approach to Wisdom-Driven Approach in our rural development process.