CIRDAP in collaboration with NIRD&PR has organised an International Training Programme on ‘Decentralized Governance and Delivery of Services –Way to Good Governance’ on 19-28 March 2019 at NIRD&PR, Hyderabad, India.

Decentralization (local governance) is the power and authority that considered as a key to achieve more democracy at the grassroots level. In Asia and the Pacific region, people affected by palpable poverty are higher than the most other region of the world. To distribute governance services to these rural, poor people on basic civic needs and other sectors (e.g. education, health, water supply, sanitation, roads, communications, power, etc) decentralization is one of the most effective and straightforward way. It can alter the complexion of distribution and provide institutional support for the delivery of services.

The training is expected to build capacity of the government official on decentralization through sharing of the best practices of good governance.

The specific objectives of the programme were:

  • to discuss the international perspectives and the Asia Pacific trends of decentralized governance;
  • to share knowledge of governance, its theory and practices, and share best practices of good governance;
  • to discuss decentralized governance in better service delivery;
  • to develop mock action plan for decentralized governance; and
  • to share knowledge on the rural development programmes in India by practicing decentralize governance.

The Training methods include a combination of lectures-cum-discussions, panel and case discussions, audio-visual and country paper presentations. A three days study visit had also organized to expose the participants to the process of decentralized governance and delivery of services.

The senior and mid level government officials from ten (10) CMCs were attended in this training programme. Total 16 participants were been chosen from the countries namely, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Fiji, Indonesia, Iran, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.