CIRDAP in collaboration with NIRD&PR has organised an International Training Programme on “Social Audit in Rural Development Programmes” on 19-28 March 2019 at NIRD&PR, Hyderabad, India.

Social audit, as one of the tool of social accountability mechanism, is a process by which the people, the final beneficiaries of any scheme, programme, policy or law, are empowered to audit such schemes, programmes, policies and laws. Hence, training on rural development through social audit is expected to create working environment with mutual understanding among the parties, enhance accountability, giving ownership to the rural community, etc.

The key objectives of the programme include:

  • to discuss the need, concept and approaches of social accountability mechanisms in general and social audits in particular;
  • to make the participant understand the provisions of different rural development programmes with reference to social accountability mechanisms;
  • to enable the participants to understand and critically review the approach and practice of social audit ;
  • to expose the participants to the best practices of social audit in rural development programmes in India;
  • to have hands on experience by conducting one mock social audit in a village of India

The Training methods include a combination of lectures-cum-discussions, panel and case discussions, audio-visual and country paper presentations. A three days study visit had also organized to expose the participants to the process of social audit.

The senior and mid level government officials from nine (09) CMCs were attended in this training programme. Total 20 participants were been chosen from the countries namely, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Fiji, Iran, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam