First Virtual Meeting of CIRDAP Executive Committee Meeting was held on August 24, 2020. All the CIRDAP member countries except Afghanistan, Nepal, Laos and Philippines were attended virtually in this policy body meeting. It is a milestone of the digital era of CIRDAP and also it is an expression towards the new normal of COVID 19 pandemic.

Incoming Director General (DG) of CIRDAP Dr. Cherdsak Virapat formally introduced himself to the dignitaries and representatives of all the member countries. He started the meeting by welcoming the guests and members of CIRDAP by saying this is the first virtual meeting of Executive Committee of CIRDAP. And then Dr. Virapat invited the Chairperson of EC from Srilanka to give opening address and chair the session.

On behalf of Chairperson from Sri lanka, Major Gen. (Rtd) Sumedha Perera, Scretary, Ministry of Agriculture; Deputy Director (projects) – Mr. P.N.N. Jayaneththi from the Ministry of Agriculture chaired this EC Virtual meeting. Mr. Jayaneththi gave sincere appreciation to CIRDAP for giving the chairperson of EC position to Sri lanka; and cordially welcomed and invited to all the distinguished members to this first virtual meeting of EC. He further said recently a new government has been selected in Srilanka and this government is willing to further strengthening the cooperation with international organization like CIRDAP. He also believed that the assistance of CIRDAP can be utilized very efficiently and effectively in agriculture and rural development not only in Sri Lanka but also all the Asia and pacific region.

Hon’ble Members of Executive Committee representing CIRDAP member countries discussed policy areas of mutual collaboration and cooperation. This key policy body of CIRDAP review the activities of the Centre, standards and guidelines for the management of the Centre, and approve its programme of work and budget.