CIRDAP’s 35th Virtual Technical Committee Meeting was held on August 26, 2020. Delegates from all the CIRDAP Member Countries (CMCs), partner organizations and integrated rural development (IRD) experts gracefully attended the Meeting. All the distinguished technical committee members were presented in this virtual meeting to discuss the progress and programme activities of CIRDAP. It’s a milestone of the digital era of the organization; and also CIRDAP is embracing the new normal of COVID 19 pandemic.

The inaugural session was started with the speech of outgoing chairman from India. TC Chairman Ms. Smt Alka Upadhyaya, Director general, National Institute of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj (NIRD&PR) welcomed all the member countries and give sincere thanks for successfully conducting the 34th TC meeting last year 2019 which was hosted by India. She emphasized on having the mitigation strategy for combatting the COVID 19 pandemic in the CIRDAP member’s countries. And she also discussed about the climate change problem which is constantly being faced by CIRDAP member countries especially South Asia. Ms. upadhyaya focused on the partnership between the countries on the climate change situation with special focus on current pandemic situation.

The Director General Designated of CIRDAP Dr. Cherdsak Virapat formally started and chaired this 35th virtual meeting. Dr. Virapat said “Excellences and the members of technical committee of the CIRDAP member countries, it’s my great honor that you kindly welcome me at this 35th virtual technical committee meeting. And I would like to my sincere thanks to the outgoing madam chair who kindly welcome and congratulate me as well as other members who welcome warmly me to this meeting.”

Hon’ble Members of Technical Committee representing CIRDAP member countries discussed the various agenda’s regarding CIRDAP programme activities, operations and policy areas of mutual collaboration and cooperation.