A two-day long virtual Global Conference on Localising Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Zero Hunger by 2030 was organized by Global Forum for Sustainable Rural Development (GFSRD). The conference was held on December 12-13, 2020. In the Conference, eighteen papers from five different continents presented and 688 participants from 76 countries attended this global conference. Dr.Kamrul Ahsan, Adjunct Professor, Stamford University Bangladesh, Dhaka was the moderator of all papers of the conference.

The Launching Programme of GFSRD and Inaugural Session of the Conference took place at 9:30 GTM on December 12, 2020. Dr. Manoj Nordeo Singh, Secretary-General, African Asian Rural Development Organization (AARDO) inaugurated the Conference. Dr.Cherdsak Virapat, Director General of Centre on Integrated Rural Development for Asia and the Pacific (CIRDAP) remained present as the Guest of Honour and Professor Rajive Mohan Pant, Director, National Institute of Rural Development &Panchayati Raj (NIRD & PR) – North-Eastern Centre present as the Special Guest. At the start of the inaugural session Dr.Jayanta Choudhury, Founder, GFSRD welcomed all dignitaries, scholars, academicians, professionals attended the conference and detailed the genesis, goals, and working parameters of GFSRD.He thanked all concerned remained present in the Conference. Dr. Mohammad Abubakar, Co-Founder, GFSRD expressed vote of thanks to all concerned at the end of the inaugural session.

Dr.Monaj Nordeo Singh expressed his deep satisfaction to remain present in the inaugural session of the global conference. He highlighted the importance of the seminar as food security becomes the most challenging issue for various reasons. He informed the genesis, goals and achievements of AARDO in the last over sixty years since its establishment.

Dr.Monaj expressed that AARDO gives importance on south-south cooperation where food security issue plays a key role. He thanked in advance all speakers, moderator and participants of the conference. He expressed his gratitude to GFSRD for inviting him in the inaugural session. He wished to work with GFSRD in allied field of rural development in future.

Dr.Cherdsak Virapat, the Guest of Honour of the inaugural session thanked the organizer of the global conference to invite him to the inaugural session. He expressed that he joined CIRDAP as Director-General only three months ago. He detailed the establishment of CIRDAP and its achievements in the field of rural development. He also informed training and project plans of CIRDAP. He wished to work with GFSRD in the allied field of rural development in future.

Professor Rajive Mohan Pant, the Special Guest of the inaugural session thanked all concerned for inviting him to the inaugural session. He expressed his deep satisfaction for the initiatives of holding the global conference on Localising Sustainable Development Goals: Zero Hunger by 2030. He informed the audience the role of NIRD & PR in rural development of India and also gave an overview on the food situation of India particularly in the pandemic situation. He opined that there is any other important option rather than addressing food for all. Finally, Dr. Pant thanked all concerned of GFSRD for organizing the conference on a very important issue and by incorporating stakeholders globally. He wished the global conference – a success.

Universiti Tun Hussein Onn, Malaysia; Dedan Kemathi University of Technology, Kenya; Urban & Regional Planning Department, National Institute of Technology National Malan, East Java-Indonesia; ASPECT, Sussex University, UK; Humane Society International/India; NETRA Foundation, India; Bolpur ManavPrem O Seva Sanstha, India; Virtual Global Village, UK; Save-vignon, Benin; DICE, UK; Réseau Expertise Paix Durable, Ivory coast; Favour Discovery Foundation, Nigeria; Project One Taka Food, Bangladesh; Africa Green Revolution, Kenya; Palli Shree, Bangladesh; Makinika Media, Kenya and ENEWS Time, India were the partners for the conference.