TIEMS  in cooperation with CBI (Capacity Building International – https://capacitybuildingint.com/) run one or two webinars every month in 2021. The topic will be International Models in Emergency Management, and the first webinar was the 4th of February 2021. The webinars are free to join.
We are now ready for the second webinar 24th of February 2021 at 1800 – 1900 CET. The topic will be TIEMS International Certification TQC, and please, take a look at the following web-site to get a brief teaser, and preparing your eventual questions about the TQC certification:
The further preliminary program for our 2021 webinars can be found on the following web-site:
Please, note that there may be program changes based on speaker availability and timing.
Below is the link to the 24th February webinar registration: