Even though the food market is appeared to be fairly stable in recent times, the uncertainty alarmed the countries as they expect an increased food insecurity due to unprecedented threats causing by Covid-19. As per the findings of UNCTAD, the low-income economies bestow around 37% share of their export revenue to food import, more than 5 times higher than a share of developed country, using the most recent data on food import dependence. Governments all over the world, have been working to secure themselves against all sorts of instability in the food market. Any uncertainty in the food market may lead to panic attack causing to impose export bans or tariff hike making the food market unstable which will have deadly impact on the food importing countries. Meanwhile, the locust infestation in the Middle East, South Asia and Africa fanning flames of the tension further causing the panic attack more severe. Therefore, the food security situation in CMCs critically depends both on how Covid-19 is handled in these countries as well as the spread of locust attack in the region.

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