Farmed fish and plants have long contributed to healthy diets, poverty alleviation and rural development. It is only recently, however, that aquaculture has grown to be the leading source of aquatic food, which is expected to meet expanding global dietary demands while also addressing the food security needs of the poor.

In order to accelerate the growth and ensure the sustainability of future aquaculture, FAO and NACA with the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs invite governments, business, academia and civil society to discuss the theme “Aquaculture for Food and Sustainable Development”.


The GCA+20 has been transformed to a hybrid event, with all international participants connecting remotely. While we had held onto hope to welcome everyone in person, the organizers have made this difficult decision in consideration of our collective safety and wellbeing.

For virtual participants, the format creates several benefits: the GCA+20 is free to attend, participation is open, and there are no travel costs. Join the GCA+20 by registering for a series of virtual Zoom Webinars on Thursday 23 September and Friday 24 September.

Please see the full announcement for details on how to join the sessions.

The format

For virtual participants, the format creates several benefits: the GCA+20 is free to attend, participation is open, and there are no travel costs. Join the GCA+20 by registering for a series of virtual Zoom Webinars. Click on the links below to register for each individual session.  For local participants already in China who wish to attend the GCA+20 in person, please contact

The GCA+20 will have simultaneous interpretation in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish, opening participation for everyone.

The programme

Nine thematic areas, three keynote speeches, over 100 academic posters and a technical workshop on Artemia are spread over three days of this dynamic programme.

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The Shanghai Declaration: Connect, collaborate and commit!

The Shanghai Declaration represents a road map to optimize the role that aquaculture can play in achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The draft Shanghai Declaration was prepared by a small group of globally recognized aquaculture experts, followed by consultations with a wider group with appropriate technical, regional and gender balance, including members of the International Organizing Committee and International Programme Committee. This draft is now open for comment by all registered participants, with the final text to be adopted on the last day of the GCA +20.

All registered delegates are invited to provide their feedback and perspectives on the draft Shanghai Declaration (also available online here). The opportunity for providing feedback will be open until 03 September 2021. Only comments from registered participants will be considered; please include your registration number in your email. Registration is available at: click here

In preparing your feedback, please bear in mind that we may receive responses from many participants and to keep the process manageable we encourage you to keep your feedback concise and focussed on major issues only. We also encourage organisations and cooperatives to provide collective feedback. We would appreciate it if you could follow the recommendations below when preparing your feedback:

  1. All feedback should be made in the comment sheet and sent by email to and include the following in the subject line of your email:
    1. your Registration Number (you can find this in the e-mail you received in response to your registration)
    2. your name and (if relevant) the organisation providing the collective feedback
  2. Please refer in your email to the chapter/section number you wish to address. Do not provide mark-up on the Working Document, as this will not be reviewed.
  3. The GCA +20 Secretariat will consider all feedback during the finalization of the Shanghai Declaration to the extent possible.

To register in the conference and to know details of the declaration, please visit the links below: click here and click here