On 13th October, 2021 CIRDAP organized an important and significant webinar on “International Day for disaster Reduction. CIRDAP Expert Prof. Dr. Mehedi Ahmed, Dept. of Civil Engg. BUET gave a presentation on the topic of “Disaster Management of Bangladesh”.


Abstract of the webinar


Bangladesh is beset with numerous natural hazard such as cyclone, earthquakes, floods, landslides, riverbank erosion, tornados etc. Also, there are manmade disasters such as urban fire, building collapse etc. The 1970 cyclone killed almost half a million people of this country and 1897 Great Indian earthquake killed almost 1900 people. Also, the 1988 and 1998 floods inundated almost 70% areas of Bangladesh for almost three months causing distress to the people and the economy.  In this presentation a short summary of different natural and manmade disasters has been presented. Later Bangladesh’s Preparedness to Manage Earthquake Disaster related issues are discussed in detail.


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