On 9th October, 2021 CIRDAP organized a webinar lecture on Resilient strategies for aquaculture and fisheries to face the extreme weather shocks by CIRDAP Expert Dr. Grinson George

Senior Programme Specialist (fisheries), SAARC Agriculture Centre, Dhaka, Bangladesh


Abstract of the webinar lecture


The planet earth is challenged by the impacts of the climate change. Changes in climate variables have crossed threshold levels at many regions and have resulted in weather shocks such as floods, glacial outbursts, droughts, wild-fire, marine heat waves, extreme-events and many more. These changes are having far reaching impacts on the ecosystems both in the oceans, coastal areas and inland aquatic bodies. In this lecture we are looking into the reasons for such changes and how they are impacting the ecosystems and resources. Further, we analyze the future scenarios based on model simulations. Adaptation strategies, diversified livelihood options for the vulnerable, technologies to mitigate or adapt to the weather shocks with emphasis on aquaculture and fisheries is discussed. Furthermore, the involvement of citizens in dealing with bad weather conditions or data generation on critical aspects is put forth as a solution to bridge the gap between policy planners and society for a better climate-friendly framework. Guidelines with respect to a policy for proper resilient strategies are discussed from the organizational point of view for the South Asian region.


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