A list of documents related to the GCA +20, for your interest and ease of reference. Kindly find below links to the Report, Webcast Recordings, Regional Reviews and the Shanghai Declaration as adopted by the participants; all documents are also available at www.aquaculture2020.org.

The GCA +20 was successfully held from 22-25 September 2021 as a hybrid event. Of the more than 2700 people who registered their interest via the GCA +20 website, a total of 1728 participants from 113 countries attended the conference (500 in-person, 1228 online), widely represented by a range of different stakeholders (IGOs/INGOs, public/private sectors; education, research and extension workers; producers groups; traders; civil society organizations).

The Report of the Global Conference on Aquaculture Millennium +20 is available online here, and the webcast recordings can be found using the links below.

Day 1Plenary

·       Opening ceremony

·        Keynote speeches

·        Special Topic presentations

Stream 1

·       Aquaculture systems

Stream 2

·       Aquaculture feed and feeding

Stream 3

·       Dynamics of aquaculture governance

Day 2Stream 1

·        Innovation in aquaculture

·        Transforming aquaculture to achieve SDGs

Stream 2

·        Aquatic genetic resources and seed supply

·        Biosecurity: reducing the burden of disease

Stream 3

·        Social and human dimensions of aquaculture

·        Value chains and market access for aquaculture products


·        Poster session

·        Shanghai Declaration: adoption and pledges

·        Closing ceremony

Regional Reviews:

The reviews can be downloaded from the dedicated FAO website or directly at the links below.

Thematic Reviews:

The content of the nine thematic reviews has been finalized based on the feedback received from GCA +20 participants during and subsequent to the conference. We are finalizing agreement for publication of the papers as a special issue of an academic journal. The previous drafts and recordings of the thematic sessions are available on the GCA website.

Shanghai Declaration:

The formatted final version of the Shanghai Declaration: Aquaculture for Food and Sustainable Development as adopted by the participants of the GCA +20 can be downloaded here:


The outcomes of the GCA +20 are  being widely distributed and a summary report has been presented by the Co-Chairs to the NACA Governing Council in November 2021. The forthcoming 11th Session of the COFI Sub-Committee on Aquaculture will include a Special Event on the Global Conference on Aquaculture Millennium +20 – Aquaculture for Food and Sustainable Development.

Thank you once again for your interest in the GCA +20, we hope you found it interesting, and we look forward to engaging with you in the future.

click here to download the full report.