Prof. Dr. Harvey Demaine

M.Sc., Ph.D, London University


It was with great sadness to learn that Prof. Harvey Demaine, a renowned expert of CIRDAP passed away on 22 August, 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand. On behalf of the CIRDAP Secretariat, we would like to express our heartfelt condolences to his family.

Prof. Demaine participated actively in the CIRDAP expert meetings and webinars in 2021.  At each meeting and webinar, he provided his constructive comments and useful suggestions. He also wrote about his professional expertise and experiences for CIRDAP on 11 April 2021 as follows:

I am a British citizen, with degree qualifications in Geography at Oxford and London. Since graduation, I spent the whole of my working life focusing on academic study and development work in Southeast and South Asia, specializing in socio-economic research techniques, agricultural and aquaculture development, decentralized rural and regional development planning, coastal zone management and project formulation, monitoring and evaluation. I worked first at London University (M.Sc., Ph.D.) and the Royal Thai Government (total 14 years), then at Asian Institute of Technology (resident in Bangkok for 18 years) as Associate Professor in Rural, Regional and Agricultural Development Planning. Finally, I became Senior Advisor with DANIDA in Bangladesh (resident in Noakhali for 10 years). I have conducted consultant studies for a range of agencies, including World Bank, ADB, the Mekong River Commission, the Government of the Netherlands, DfID, GIZ, DANIDA, World Fish, UNDP, UNEP, UNICEF and INGOs, ICCO Cooperation and Agricultural Development Denmark Asia. I have been semi-retired since 2015, with only the following substantial ‘research’ (consultancy) project inputs, Feasibility Study on Incorporation of Food Security Issues in the Context of Climate Change in the CDSP Project Areas, Technical Report No.11, Char Development and Settlement Project, Phase IV, 2016, Royal Netherlands Embassy, Bangladesh; Manual of the Future Implementation of Projects under the Royally-initiated and Special Projects Division (RISPD) of the Department of Fisheries: A Roadmap in line with the Sustainable Development Goals Framework (2019); Royally-initiated and Special Projects Division, Department of Fisheries and Pid Thong Lang Phra Foundation, Bangkok. My research interests include the fields of agricultural and rural development for small-scale ‘family farmers’ with special focus on extension methods (especially participatory approaches such as the Farmer Field School) and the development of farmers’ organizations, including water users’ associations, co-operatives and rural producer /community-based organizations. I have been active in linking such groups to agricultural markets and in developing their relations with local governments. I have conducted studies on the role of local governments in rural development.  I have developed a particular interest in small-scale aquaculture, termed ‘Rural Aquaculture’ as a recognition of the poverty focus, and latterly this has extended to community-based fisheries/wetlands management/waterlogged paddies. My focus has been mainly on approaches which benefit the rural poor, with some particular focus on women. I have also conducted studies related to environmental issues and Climate Change.   I have authored /co-authored 56 technical reports and 83 articles, books and chapters, contributions in proceedings (click here).  

Prof. Harvey Demaine’s unique approach to rural development, and his commitment to research and its impact on society will be greatly recognized and appreciated.

With our deepest condolences.

CIRDAP Secretariat

24 August, 2022