A webinar titled “Identifying the Gender-Nutrition intersections in India: Quantitative and Qualitative Evidence” was held under the CIRDAP webinar series of 2023. The presenter was Dr. Ruchira Bhattacharya, Assistant Professor & Head in-Charge, NIRD-PR Delhi Branch.

The abstract of the presentation:
Achieving zero hunger has been a key challenge for low-and middle income countries. India too has suffered from high rates of hunger and malnutrition with extremely high rates of wasting and stunting in children under 5, high rates of anemia in women and an increasing proportion of persons reporting obesity. The problem of malnutrition has also manifested itself as a gendered challenge. Due to multiple structural barriers that women face due to the cultural and societal practices liked to feminine roles, balanced nutrition becomes more difficult to access.
These gender-nutrition intersections were examined in the presentation with secondary literature, and secondary data to observe the trends in nutritional intake for different genders, as well as the underlying causes of gendered-barriers to nutrition. The presentation also touched upon a few primary studies done by NIRD-PR which observed the complex gender-nutrition pathways for dietary diversity and service delivery on nutrition.
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