TIEMS is in its 31st Year of Operation

TIEMS 2024 Hybrid Annual Conference Will Take Place In India

TIEMS in India


Vasundhara Emergency Management Foundation was registered in India on the 14th of March this year. It is affiliated to The International Emergency Management Society – TIEMS. It will host the TIEMS 2024 Hybrid Annual Conference in Pune, India in November this year. The Office Bearers of Vasundhara Emergency Management Foundation are as mentioned above.

Vasundhara is a Sanskrit word which means planet earth. Vasu means wealth and Dhara means the one who holds. Vasundhara holds all wealth, sustains the natural resources and processes, and nourishes all species including the humanity.

•Vasundhara Emergency Management Foundation will address the concerns of multi-hazard preparedness, disaster risk reduction, emergency response, climate change adaptation and mitigation and other related themes.

•The theme of the TIEMS 2024 Hybrid Annual Conference will be:

“Risk Governance, Resilience Building and Humanitarian Programming in a Challenging World”

The Vasundhara Emergency Management Foundation Board is actively planning the TIEMS 2024 Hybrid Annual Conference and Call for Papers and Posters will be published soon!

For more information about TIEMS in India, contact:

Arvind Kumar Jhaarvindjha.dr@gmail.com

Vinod Menonnvcmenon@gmail.com

TIEMS International Secretariat

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K. Harald Drager

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