On 10 June, 2024,  CIRDAP organized a webinar to celebrate the World Oceans Day.  The honorable speaker is Sunil Murlidhar SHASTRI FRGS FRSA, Consultant, Educator and Speaker in Ocean and Environmental Governance. Mr. Shastri found his passion for Pacem in Maribus in 1982 under the tutelage of Elisabeth Mann Borgese and has since made it his mission. He is best known for his MasterClass and cogent analysis. On his talks, Mr. shastri talked about the Ocean with three approaches, five issues and seven solutions. 

This talk is based on the philosophy Sunil has adapted, developed, and nurtured throughout his career of over four decades, mainly shaped and formed initially under the tutelage of Elisabeth Mann Borgese. At the heart of the philosophy is how we might inculcate the idea of One Ocean in thought, word, and action. Just as we have only one Planet, there is only one Ocean and not the three or five or seven that our nomenclatures have hitherto defined and described. Having given this reason for his assertion, Sunil moves on to the three approaches, namely, advice, advocacy, and action which he had adopted during the latter half of his career as a consultant, educator and speaker and his related pro-bono work. Sunil then introduces five crucial issues or rudimentary questions that address the contemporary concerns which form the very basis of the existence of our civilisation as we have known and imagined. Finally, Sunil talks about the solutions in the form of what he calls the Seven Pillars of Ocean and Environmental Governance explaining how each one of us belongs to at least one of these pillars and which we can adopt and support in our own professional and personal lives and how education and awareness, a pillar which has been central to Sunil’s entire professional career, may well be looked at as a critical and crucial central pillar.

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