How CIRDAP Works

CIRDAP works at global, regional, national and community level through its development partners, contact ministries and link institutions. It has one contact ministry (e.g. MRRD, MoALI, etc) and one link institution (e.g. AIRD, BARD, etc) in each of its member countries.

CIRDAP mobilize resource from its development partners of numerous international donor organizations, UN agencies, etc. (e.g. FAO, UNDESA, JAICA) globally to work in regional, national and community level vice versa.

At regional level CIRDAP collaborate with its regional/intergovernmental development partners (e.g. APO, SAARC, ECO, etc) to work in CIRDAP member countries (CMCs) which are represented by CIRDAP Contact Ministries (CCM).

With support from contact ministry, CIRDAP also directly work with CIRDAP Link Institutions (CLIs) to organize In-country and international programmes. CIRDAP is now encouraging its member countries to establish CIRDAP-Sub Centers in each member countries to accelerate research and programme activities in national level.

Beside this, in collaboration with CCMs and CLIs, CIRDAP is reaching the national level development partners (e.g. NGOs, Universities and autonomous development organizations) to ensure that the impact reaches the most marginalized people at the community level.

Strategic Roadmap & Programme Guidelines: