Linking IRD with SDGs

A key challenge for successful implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) would be localizing the goals as per the need and context of different regions and countries. Some may argue that rural development has lost value as a development agenda in the age of urbanization and industrialization, but in the broader sense, the new agenda clearly recognizes the centrality of rural development as it binds 8 out of 17 goals together.

For example, it would be ironic if we talk about food security and zero hunger but undermine agriculture, ending poverty and inequality without prioritizing development of rural areas that houses 3.3 billion people leaving in extreme poverty around the world – which counts for about 70% of global poverty. Except these without a strong and sustainable agriculture and rural development reaching good health, mitigating malnutrition, enabling protection of territorial eco-system and livelihood is almost impossible.

CIRDAP, in its Strategic Plan 2018-2022 has revised its priorities aligning with the SDGs so that the CIRDAP plays its role as the Centre of Excellence in promoting rural development syncing with the global and national plan of actions.