The objectives of the Centre are:

  • To assist national action and promote regional co-operation relating to Integrated Rural Development (IRD), in the region
  • To act as a servicing institution for its member states
  • To encourage joint collective activities to benefit the member countries both individually and collectively
  • To poverty alleviation through people’s participation in the development process.


The CIRDAP Agreement states that to achieve the objectives, the Centre shall:

  • Conduct and, through the national IRD centres, promote research on various aspects of IRD in the region, with emphasis on alternative approaches leading to more effective field action programmes;
  • Hold consultative conferences or other meetings enabling national decision-makers, research
    workers, planners and executives to exchange ideas and experiences on IRD and to identify areas in which collaborative efforts should be promoted for the mutual benefit of member states;
  • Organise training courses on planning, implementation and evaluation of programmes for IRD and assist, where desired, the national IRD centres in implementing their respective training programmes;
  • Provide technical support to national IRD centres and maintain liaison with such centres and with national, regional or international organisations and agencies concerned with IRD;
  • Serve as a clearing house and data bank for information on IRD in the region and promote the dissemination of information through publications and the preparation of documentation, including the translation of significant publications on IRD;
  • Perform such other functions as may be necessary or useful for the attainment of its objectives.