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Planning and Resource Mobilization Unit (PRMU)

Planning and Resource Mobilization Unit (PMRU) was created   in 1996 with an objective to convene, organize and coordinate policy body meetings ; set the tone for a functional planning  and an integrated project monitoring and evaluation system in CIRDAP.  But it has not been established as a full-fledged unit as yet. It was envisioned that the unit will be headed by the Deputy Director General and supported by one Program Officer, one Associate and one Secretary like other divisions of the centre. Only one Special Officer is there to steering its activities.

Major functions of the Unit include

  • Organizing Technical Committee meeting , Executive Committee meeting, and Governing Council meetings and coordinating the preparation of agenda items and working papers;
  • Convening CIRDAP in house review planning seminar (CIARPS);
  • Setting up effective monitoring and evaluation system;
  • Regular assessment of CMC,s needs, policies and plans and priorities;
  • Formulating CIRDAP,s strategic and operational plans;
  • Monitoring and evaluation of CIRDAP project interventions ;
  • Planning for mobilization of resources ; and
  • Coordinating CIRDAP Technical Advisory Group (TAG) meeting.