CIRDAP programmes and activities are expected to achieve the following interconnected outcomes:

(i)  Improved capacities of CIRDAP Member Countries supported by CIRDAP as a servicing institutions for research, training and knowledge development on cross cutting issues of rural development and poverty reduction;

(ii)  Better integration of IRD with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in order to address rural development through promotion of multi-sectoral and integrated approach ensuring inclusiveness, equity and sustainability with policy support from CIRDAP;

(iii)  Enhanced regional cooperation and effective collaboration to address common challenges related to rural development in the Asia-Pacific region thorough collective action and sharing of idea, information and resources; and

(iv)  Repositioning of CIRDAP as centre of excellence for integrated rural development through realignment of its priorities and approaches in response to the changes occurring in the area of rural development in order to maintain its relevance to need and demand of its member countries.