Information & Communication

Information and Communication Division of CIRDAP


Information is a key input in the planning and implementation of rural development. CIRDAP functions as a servicing institution and a clearinghouse of information on IRD in the Asia-Pacific region. The Information and Communication Division (ICD) is responsible for dissemination of findings from CIRDAP programme of activities and information about IRD and policy alleviation intervention of the CIRDAP member countries. If facilitates stakeholders to understand, acknowledge and appreciate CIRDAP activities and is responsible for projecting the Centre’s organizational image to the world. The Division continuously update a databases on all aspects of IRD, supported by efficient documentation and modern library facilities that includes bibliographical and audio-visual service and the website service.

Areas Covered:

Since 1979 this division has carried out 36 information and communication projects. The present focus areas of information and communication activities are broadly as follows:

  • Dissemination of IRD information emanating from CIRDAP, CMCs and from elsewhere.
  • Database Development
  • Greater Development of Information Technology
  • Development Support Communication through Video Documentation and other AV Media
  • Implementation of Information and Communication Projects


The activities of the division can be categorised under the following: