Title: Asia Pacific Journal of Rural Development – June 2019 issue

Asia-Pacific Journal of Rural Development (APJORD), a bi-annual academic journal, is a flagship publicationof CIRDAP. It is devoted to the issues and discussions on rural development, primarily in the Asia-Pacificregion.The journal provides a platform for the academicians, policymakers, NGOs, research scholars and otherstakeholders interested in Integrated Rural Development (IRD) to exchange and share ideas, opinions, fieldobservations and empirical findings on various facets of rural development.APJORD focuses on Integrated Rural Development keeping in view the six programme priorities of CIRDAP.These are: (a) sustainable development and efficient use of natural resources (e.g. land administration andmanagement, waste management and natural resource management); (b) livelihoods (e.g. povertyreduction, economic productivity through technological innovation, upgrading and diversification andrelated policies, skill development, entrepreneurship, access to financial services and sustainable tourism);(c) access to basic services (e.g. food and nutrition security, safe and affordable drinking water andsanitation, health and education, affordable reliable and modern renewable energy, access to information,decent housing, and rural transportation access); (d) climate change (e.g. strengthen resilience andadaptive capacity to climate change, and mitigation of adverse impact); (e) governance (e.g.strengthening local governance and CBO/CSOs, and gender inclusive governance) and (f) management ofrural areas in transition.With this interdisciplinary journal, CIRDAP fulfils its mandate as a service institution to its membercountries for promoting sustainable integrated rural development through dissemination of knowledge andpromotion of policy dialogue.

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